Hi There, We’re Thysse

Our team at Thysse is comprised of designers, architects, project managers and marketing professionals who specialize in creating spaces that inspire, motivate and narrate through exceptional design and effective brand messaging.


Loren Zemlicka

Loren has been in the creative field for most of his life. A renowned Play-Doh sculptor in his early years, he had progressed to his fabled Crayola period by age 7. His professional graphic design career has spanned almost 20 years and now encompasses print design, web design, video production, copywriting, photography and experiential (environmental) graphic design.


Cell Phone:(608) 215-5385

Office Phone:(608) 249-6951


Geoff Sabin

Geoff Sabin (Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals) is your typical architect by day, rock musician by night, rock musician by really-early-the-next-morning kind of guy. With over 20 years of design and architecture experience, Geoff can design a building, design everything inside and outside the building, and then design the invitations for the grand opening. He could also cater the event and provide the live music as well. Geoff infuses creative energy into everything he does — his family life, song-writing, biking, hiking, skiing, golfing, cooking… the list goes on. And on. And on.


Cell Phone:(312) 420-5908

Office Phone:(608) 249-6951


Angie Biermeier

Angie has over 15 years of graphic design experience. She‘s your go-to for newsletters, logos and brochure design…anything and everything that requires a creative eye. Her portfolio is impressive — but not as impressive as her Donnie and Marie memorabilia collection. Lunch boxes, coloring books, dolls, signed t-shirts and glossy 8x10s. If it has an Osmond on it, it’s fair game.


Office Phone:(608) 249-6951


Jen Braga


Allyson Casey

Growing up in Wausau, Wisconsin, there are only two things for a young woman to do to pass the time. One is listening to obscure indie folk music and the other is illegal in most states. Luckily for us, Allyson chose the former and our Spotify playlists have never been the same. Guitars, Mandolines, Fiddles, Allyson is fascinated by anything with a string. Favorite sport to play – tennis. Favorite time-killing activity – cats cradle. Favorite type of relationship – strings attached. Favorite particle physics framework theory – string. Which is why we’re surprised she chose design over computer science … but glad she did. Also, if you get that last joke, we’re looking for some backend help with our site. Please apply below.


Alix DeBroux

Alix with an i is a real-life Journey rock power ballad. A small town girl living in a lonely world took the midnight train goin’ anywhere. Sure, it was a 9am Dodge Caravan going to Madison, but the sentiment is the same. Alix with an i started feeling that way about a design career at the University of Wisconsin. She was frustrated, looking for the perfect fit when we told her, “Alix with an i, don’t stop believin'” and hired her with open arms. Alix with an i is now our go-to graphic designing, headline writing, facebook posting, all-around rock star. Any way you want it, Alix with an i can make it happen. Faithfully.


Phone:(608) 249-6951

Architect / Designer

Evan Hildebrand

Renowned humorist and ultimate frisbee cutter, Evan is one of those smarty smart smarts who graduates college with a degree or two, an eight-semester dean’s list streak and a latin title that sounds prestigious yet oddly not safe for work. Yes, graduating architecture school Summa Cum Laude is impressive but not as impressive as his ever-growing list of possible band names.


Phone:(608) 249-6951

Project Manager

Julie Kimmell

Julie grew up on a farm in Illinois, where we can only assume she cultivated hot dogs and raised bears – both adults and babies. After fighting her way through college at the University of Illinois, she left the Land of Lincoln to pursue a career working for Amazonian corporations. Sure, the three-martini lunches, fashion model shoots and glamourous haute-couture lifestyle were fun, but now she gets to wear a hard hat.


Office Phone:(608) 249-6951


Kris Marconnet

Kris has a long history of creative expression and a passion for lawn mowing. Her backyard rivals most Major League ballparks in the intricacy of alternative rows, patterns, and designs. Her plaid lawn, based upon the Scottish “Royal Stewart” Tartan is perhaps her most important and groundbreaking work. This has been widely discussed, debated and accepted amongst the lawn critics in her neighborhood. Unfortunately, her most controversial lawn work, titled “Reclining Nude Eating Grapes,” was not as widely accepted by the lawn critics. Kris now lives in a new neighborhood and has been asked by the authorities to curtail her lawn mowing activities. So she now creatively expresses herself here at Thysse.


Office Phone:(608) 249-6951