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Exceptional Design

 Design that goes beyond the printed page …

The Thysse Design team is comprised of top-level, designers, architects, writers and thinkers with years of customer service and project management experience. We are trusted by some of the nation’s most iconic organizations with developing and growing their brands.

Experiential Design

 Architecture + Graphic Design + Interior Design

We inspire, we motivate, we narrate. Our job is to create an emotional experience through experiential graphic design.
Visual branding is a vital part of your identity.


    We’ve worked with big-time athletic departments all over the country, from community colleges to national-championship-winning Division I programs. Through branding and the use of experiential graphic design, we create custom locker rooms, practice facilities, and spaces that capture your unique culture to inspire and motivate young student-athletes — while working within your budget. Smart design. Smart implementation. Smart branding.


    Healthcare, mind care, emotion care, spirit care…these must be considered as equally-important components of the healing and preventative care fields. Every day we understand more about the importance of the mind in healing the body — and your healthcare environment experience plays a crucial role. Our experience in experiential graphic design ranges from the design of a single-room office to small clinics to large hospitals.


    The use of branding and environmental graphics in higher education, intelligently promotes your culture, facilities and offerings in a manner that will inspire visiting and potential students, current enrollees and faculty. All by creating a design that’s appealing — and memorable.


    Experiential and environmental graphic design can set your business apart — making sure your customers are return customers and repeat customers.


    Your visual branding doesn’t start and end with your customers. Through environmental graphics, we can help you create well-designed corporate spaces that will express your company culture — while motivating and inspiring your staff.


    Intelligently-staged storytelling…can showcase, honor, educate and promote. Our experiential and environmental graphic design team has experience designing everything from donor exhibits and one-wall displays to full-scale museums. Content creation, exhibit layout, asset organization and programming are just a small part of what we do.

Branding + Graphic Design

 Professional. Experienced. Design.

Our experienced staff is comprised of passionate designers.
That passion shows in our diverse skill set, our results and our drive to constantly do it better.

  • Print Design

    Having your print piece designed by the same people who will be printing it just makes sense. We have years of experience designing everything from business cards to brochures to pocket folders and every complex fold and die cut in between.

  • Web Design

    Your online presence is more important today than ever before. Easy-to-access clear and concise information is important to your business — and your website design is an integral part of your visual identity. We have the technical AND design expertise to make your site a success.

  • Signs & Banners

    Promotional, informational, or for identification – we know how to design signs and banners that correctly convey your messaging. Are you looking for professional, permanent exterior signs or maybe some eye-catching temporary event banners? We can do that!

  • Branding and Identity

    Whether you’re just starting out, you need some help with existing branding, or you’re looking for a complete re-branding, we can help. We’ve been involved in local and national branding — from small businesses to large corporations, non-profits to academic institutions. We love to design visual identity collateral and can help you make sure your public perception is what it should be.

  • Displays & POP

    Properly displaying your product amongst a sea of consumer options is the last step in your marketing design strategy. We design permanent and portable displays that capture attention, inform and persuade.

  • Packaging

    Intelligently designed packaging can make a significant impact on consumer choice. It can also save you money in materials, shipping and damaged product. We can give you the perfect blend of function and form.

  • Video Editing & Motion Graphics

    Sometimes video is the best way to convey your message. Today, with so many online options available to promote your video, it has become more important than ever. We provide professional design in High Definition.

  • Photography

    You’ve probably seen our work in national magazines and on the walls of businesses around your town. We know how to capture the right image.

  • Copywriting

    The written word can wield great power in conveying your message. Well-written copy is often more memorable than the visual counterpart. We are professionally-trained, experienced grammar warriors.